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Join me in supporting real change for Palestinians. Your gift will go a long way to help me meet my fundraising goal for Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE).

Your USA tax-deductible donation will help Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE) link Americans and Palestinians through business partnerships and positive investments. These linkages create jobs, find new markets and grow the private sector. These links help Palestinians feed their families. These links tell Palestinian business men and women that Americans are not leaving them alone to fend for themselves. These links give Palestinian small and medium-sized businesses the support they deserve for surviving against amazing odds. These links help prepare Palestinian businesses to compete in world markets. In short, these links provide concrete examples that others are just as convinced as Palestinians are that the Israeli military occupation will end one day soon, allowing everyone to reap the benefits of peace.

In a syndicated Huffington Post article Jim Zogby named Sam Bahour a Palestinian American hero. Soon after the Oslo Agreements in the early 1990s, Sam, chose to leave a comfortable life in America to help create a private sector telecommunications company for the new Palestinian state. After sixteen years and still no Palestinian state, Sam sacrificed his American freedoms when Israel granted him Palestinian residency in the West Bank (aka a Palestinian ID), which limits his movement and makes him part of the collectively punished Palestinian population living under Israeli military occupation. Sam and many other Americans have helped keep the Palestinian private sector alive. Sam Bahour is a co-founder of AVPE, along with co-founder Ed Thompson from Chicago.

In spite of the constraints imposed by the Israeli occupation on Palestinian businesses, American and Palestinian links stir economic activity. Palestinian olive oil is on Whole Foods store shelves throughout America. Palestinian quarried stone was used in the construction of the San Diego Airport. Eco-travelers from America hike and bike the Abraham Path getting their food and lodging from local Palestinian villages. Palestinians consume Coca Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken from businesses owned and operated by Palestinians.

Sam Bahour and co-founder Ed Thompson created nonprofit AVPE to build many more of these linkages.

Imagine what the Palestinian business community will be able to accomplish when the occupation ends. We already have and want American business to invest today in order to be part of Palestine's economic growth today, as well as tomorrow.

Disclaimer: The photos and video reflect links between Americans and Palestinians. These links occurred before AVPE existed and our use of these images does not constitute endorsement from the organizations involved, of AVPE or the material contained herein.